US defense standards to counter European offers

After the harvest of contracts for Patriot PAC-3 systems in Europe, it is now the turn of orders for Aegis systems to roll out, in Spain and Australia. However, European offers, in particular MBDA's PAAMS or MAMBA systems, based on Aster missiles, are at least as efficient ...

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British defense committee paints uncompromising review of British military power

In its report, the British Defense Committee does not content itself with proposing a target of 3% of GDP (and the means to achieve it) for the armies across the Channel, but it ...

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Japan offers P1 for future Franco-German maritime patrol aircraft

While the Americans are investing the media to try to bend the German government for the purchase of F-35, it is the turn of the Japanese to try to intercede in the Franco-German agreement for the construction of the future aircraft of Franco-German maritime patrol

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France and Germany will announce the construction of a maritime patrol aircraft in common

The German Defense Minister, Ursula von der Leyen, and her French counterpart, Florence Parly, will sign on April 27, on the occasion of the latter's report to…

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