Russia chooses Tu-204 as future maritime patrol aircraft

Maritime patrol is a field that is relatively unknown to the public. Most often dependent on naval air forces, it is made up of long-range aircraft, equipped to detect, monitor, etc.

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Are the European Air Forces downgraded?

In 1980, the air forces of European NATO countries were among the most powerful in the world. Great Britain, France, Germany and Italy were among the 10 ...

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The SDAM naval drone program is moving forward, but there are significant gray areas in its planning

The first flight of the VSR700 demonstrator was carried out on November 8, 2019 by Airbus. The military programming law (2019 - 2025) provides for the first deliveries from 2028.…

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The Japanese high seas fleet in 2030

In the early 90s, as the world celebrated the end of East-West bipolarization with the collapse of the Soviet Union, Japan set out to develop a fleet of high ...

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