Can we still rely on nuclear deterrence?

On November 5, 1956, a Franco-British expeditionary force landed in Egypt to regain control of the Suez Canal recently nationalized by President Gamal Abdel Nasser, in an operation ...

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How is the Pentagon preparing for the high intensity conflicts to come?

Since the end of the Cold War, and the collapse of the Soviet bloc, many world armies, including the American armies, have moved away from the concepts of symmetrical employment to increase their efficiency ...

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Will Covid-19 get the better of European intelligence diplomacy?

“It is a question of European sovereignty. As soon as one wishes to gain in strategic defense capacity, it is necessary to gain in intelligence capacity ”. It was late February…

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Is the Internet of Thins a Trojan in the hands of the FSB?

The question may seem soliciting, however, it is legitimate, if we believe the publications made by the collective of Russian hackers Digital Revolution on its Twitter account. And…

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Lockheed-Martin to Replace F35 ALIS Maintenance System

During the first years of the F35 program, the automated maintenance supervision system ALIS for Autonomic Logistics Information System, was presented as the Grail of aeronautical maintenance ...

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The risk of an American downgrade in the race for mastery at AI

At present, the United States remains the first power in the race to master the AI ​​through their digital hegemony. But many internal concerns about the ...

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Microsoft Wins JEDI Program to Bring Pentagon Information to the Cloud

Microsoft has created a surprise by winning against Amazon, yet given big favorite, the contract of 10 Md $ for the JEDI program, aimed at bringing much of the ...

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