Aircraft carriers, anti-missile systems, combat aircraft: Seoul reveals its ambitions for the coming decade

Unlike the Europeans, South Korea has never neglected its investments in Defense, including during the period following the collapse of the Soviet bloc and which was ...

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Franco-German military projects: between advances and blockages

For more than ten years, France has been looking for a lasting European partner for its military collaboration projects, both operational and industrial. It started in 2010 with the Agreements…

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Against coronavirus, French company Shark Robotics offers the authorities a decontamination robot

Created in 2016, the La Rochelle company Shark Robotics is however not unknown to the armed forces, nor to the general public. While the use of terrestrial robots (or drones) is more…

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The US Marines Corps quickly wants to acquire new generation anti-ship missiles

As we often mention in our lines, it seems that the strategic initiative has changed sides, after three decades of American superiority over military affairs. In China, in…

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Chinese People's Liberation Army to equip suicide drones

The Chinese military authorities have announced the launch of a call for tenders, via the website dedicated to this, relating to the acquisition of two models of suicide drones, also called “Loitering…

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The industrialists of La Défense bet on armed terrestrial drones

In recent weeks, no less than 4 major announcements have been made regarding the development of armed land combat drones in the Western camp. While the systems of ...

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Cooperation between piloted equipment and drones is essential for all US forces

In just a few weeks, the 3 major US armies, the US Army, the US Navy and the US Air Force, have announced major advances in the hardware programs that will equip ...

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