Why is a defense effort of 2% of GDP insufficient for France?

Upon his arrival at the Elysée Palace in 2017, the new President Emmanuel Macron made a major effort to bring France's defense effort to 2% of its Gross Domestic Product, as France had committed to in 2014 during the NATO summit in Cardiff. To achieve this, the new executive implemented a new Military Programming Law from 2019 to 2025 aimed at achieving this objective, as well as at repairing the numerous and sometimes dramatic deficiencies from which the French armies suffered after 20 years of under-investment. of a particularly heavy operational activity. This was a paradox for this designated period…

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The US Army will test the Iron Dome to protect its vulnerable infrastructure

One of the major lessons of the war that pitted Azeri forces against Armenian forces in Nagorno-Karabakh in 2020 was the great vulnerability of force support sites, such as logistics areas, command posts, and fortifications, in the face of modern artillery systems coupled with reconnaissance drones. And if the Armenian anti-aircraft defenses managed to keep the Azeri fighters at a distance, they were largely idle in the face of the small reconnaissance drones directing the enemy artillery fire. Beyond this example, the increase in range and accuracy of modern and future artillery systems, whether artillery…

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Poland ready to pay majority of costs to receive US forces on its soil

President Trump's decision to withdraw 12.000 of the 37.000 men permanently deployed in Germany in order to pressure Berlin for its lack of investment in NATO, continues to cause controversy in the United States, or the measure is at least unpopular especially within the Pentagon. It must be said that the costs of this redeployment, half of the personnel returning to the United States and the other half being redeployed to Belgium and Italy, are very likely to cut into the American Defense budget well beyond what the construction of the anti-immigration wall on the border with Mexico. According to the secretary at...

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After Poland, Latvia offers to pay for US troops on its soil

Through the voice of its Defense Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Latvia has made it known that it is ready to welcome some of the 9500 American soldiers whose withdrawal from Germany was announced by President Trump a few years ago. weeks, just days after Polish President Andrzej Duda did the same during his official visit to Washington to meet with President Trump. Unlike his Polish counterpart, however, Artis Pabriks, the Latvian minister, made a point of not offending his German ally, specifying that this offer was only made...

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The United States has made a "strong" proposal to deploy forces in Poland

The American military authorities have announced that they have transmitted to the Polish government a proposal qualified as solid to respond to Warsaw's proposals, to the permanent deployment of a US armored division on its soil, in an area that the Polish president proposed to name "Fort Trump". . The details of the proposal have not been communicated for the moment, but this response indicates that Poland could well succeed in its bet to attract part of the US forces deployed in Germany, and to take, in a certain way, the role that the FRG had during the cold war. Recent German statements regarding its defense spending will certainly give...

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