The Russian-Ukrainian conflict after 36 hours of fighting

While the Russian offensive against Ukraine began a little over 36 hours ago, the information concerning the conduct of operations by the two belligerents, but also the reality of the fighting relayed by the OSINT community and by the few journalists who remain on the spot, already make it possible to draw the first lessons of this war, but also of the operational capacities of the two armies. More than 160 ballistic and cruise missiles fired in 24 hours If the Russian forces implemented Kalibr cruise missiles fired from corvettes and submarines positioned in the Black Sea and…

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Russian military deployment around Ukraine reaches critical threshold

For several months now, since November 2021, the Russian armies have been deploying and stationing a large number of troops around Ukraine, whether along the border with Donbass, in Crimea, and along the northern border. from the country. At the Fun of December, physical and satellite observations made it possible to estimate the number of soldiers deployed in the immediate vicinity of Ukraine's borders at 100.000, and at around sixty the number of combined arms battalions, the Russian equivalent of the Battle Group Inter-Armes, or GTIA, French, constituted. But in recent days, Moscow has carried out a significant reinforcement of the forces deployed,…

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What is Russia's conventional military might today?

In 2015, in reference to Russian military interventions in Crimea and Syria, President B. Obama declared that Russia was no more than a regional force in decline. Today, while Moscow has massed nearly 100.000 men on the borders of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that his country's military power is sufficient to enable him to impose firm conditions on European countries regarding the future of his neighbour. Considering the discretion of all the European powers in this matter, it is clear that, for none of them, Russia is today a negligible military power, and even then...

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Tensions on the Russian-Ukrainian border continue to grow

While national news is focused on the 3rd confinement announced by the President of the Republic, a much more dangerous scenario is currently playing out on the borders between Ukraine, Russia, its allies and its occupied territories. As we already indicated two days ago, numerous observations corroborated abnormally high troop movements initiated by the Russian armies in Crimea and on the border between Donbas and Russia. At the same time, the Ukrainian armies were deploying forces in these areas. This caused the US European Command to place its forces on heightened “Impending Crisis” alert, the…

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Massive deployment of Chinese forces against India in Ladakh

The Chinese authorities reported this weekend a new border incident between the forces of the People's Liberation Army and the Indian forces facing them along the demarcation line serving as the border between the two countries in the region. Himalayan region of Ladakh, which has already been the subject of much tension between the two countries in recent months. This time, according to the report of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chinese troops would have been forced to use warning shots to stop the redeployment of Indian forces beyond the border, obviously creating a new resurgence of tension between...

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Russian forces receive upgraded versions of their armored vehicles

Since the end of the 2000s, the Russian Defense industry has undertaken to design a new generation of armored combat vehicle, represented by the Armata family or the Kurganet-25 or Bumerang infantry fighting and personnel carrier vehicles. Conscious of its limited means, but determined to regain the advantage over the NATO forces, considered as enemies in the Russian Defense doctrine, the military authorities have chosen to preserve the numerical advantage resulting from the immense of armored vehicles inherited from the Soviet era, rather than resizing their forces in proportion to the only new technologies, much more expensive, as did the…

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