North Korea re-tests advanced performance hypersonic ballistic missile

If geopolitical attention is now more focused on the risks of conflicts in Ukraine or around Taiwan, some theaters with less media exposure are still very active. It's the case…

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The first Greek Rafales operational just 12 months after the Athens order

The first 6 Rafale combat aircraft ordered by Greece in January 2021 will join the 114th combat squadron at the Tanagra base in Boeotia, north of Athens,…

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Thailand reckons F-35A will be cheaper than Swedish JAS-39 Gripen E

This is a statement that must have hurt Saab's headquarters in Linköping. According to statements reported by the Bangkok Post, the Chief of Staff of the Thai Air Force, ...

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A new version of the Chinese heavy embarked fighter J-15 soon in service?

As for the J-11 air superiority fighter which was derived from the Su-27, or the J-16 fighter bomber derived from the Su-30, the standard on-board fighter of Chinese naval aviation, the J-15,…

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The new FDI frigates of the French Navy less well armed than expected

The ceremony for the laying of the keel of the first of the Defense and Intervention Frigates, or FDI, of the French Navy, was held on December 16 on ...

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The Chinese Navy will have received 8 new destroyers in 2021 alone

As we know, the Chinese military naval industry has been extremely successful for several years. Thus, from 2017 to 2020, it had allowed the Chinese Navy to accept active service not ...

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