What are the 3 major dangers linked to European American-centrism in terms of Defense?

For many years, long before President Macron's arrival at the Elysée Palace, the French position on defense had always been more independent than that of its neighbors vis-à-vis American protection. In 2017, when tensions between Berlin and Washington were at their peak, Emmanuel Macron and Engels Merkel launched several industrial and political initiatives to give substance to a very ambitious and quite old project, Defense Europe. However, as relations between Germany and the United States normalized from the following year, the Franco-German cooperation programs gradually withered, largely from…

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Japan wants to replace its attack and reconnaissance helicopters with drones

A year after the start of the conflict, the lessons of the war in Ukraine, the first very high-intensity war employing the entire modern conventional panoply for many decades, are beginning to influence the military planning of the major world powers. This is how the heavy tank, until recently considered by many as a legacy of the past now too vulnerable to new missiles and prowling ammunition, is now at the heart of the capability concerns of many armies in Europe and beyond. . Even in France, this influence is noticeably felt on the next Military Programming Law, which must in particular give back to…

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China tests stealth-enhanced combat drone

While the performance of anti-aircraft defenses and detection systems continues to grow, whether due to the increase in the efficiency of sensors, that of data processing and analysis systems, as well as performance of the missiles themselves, stealth, whether active through jamming and masking systems, or passive to reduce the radar equivalent surface or the infrared radiation of a device, is becoming a major issue. critical for the air force. Indeed, with hypersonic technologies, it constitutes the only possible answer to date to hope to be able to use air power at the…

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Aircraft carrier NG, SCAF, MGCS ..: Did France aim too high?

Just two years ago, the Minister of the Armed Forces, Florence Parly, formalized the start of study work for the construction of a new aircraft carrier intended to replace the Charles de Gaulle from 2038. Since then, much information has filtered about this program, which should be, like the Charles de Gaulle, nuclear-powered, and reach 75.000 tons of displacement, in particular to be able to implement the new 90-meter electromagnetic catapults necessary to launch the new Next Generation Fighter of the SCAF program, itself much larger than the Rafale M. Predictably, the design costs and…

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