"Education" offer

Meta-Defense is not just an information service devoted to Defense news. Through classification and research tools, it is also an adapted service for the training and information of students, whether they come from university and secondary / tertiary courses, as for trainees of military schools, and of public service. Today, this audience already represents 25% of service subscribers. The Meta-Defense mobile application also provides a very suitable tool for focusing the attention of those under 25, by streamlining access and allowing articles to be viewed at will.

While students / trainees already have the opportunity to take out “Student” subscriptions at a preferential rate, Meta-Défense now offers an “Education” subscription for schools, universities and training centers, with a more than adequate rate.

While Meta-Defense is a service designed to meet the needs of professionals in La Défense, it is also accessible to individuals, thanks to the “personal subscription” offer. This subscription offers the following:

Subscriptions No SubscriberEducation Offer
Access to News1 article per day
for 24 hours
Unlimited up to 24 months
Access to the MagazineNoUnlimited
Access to SynthesesNoUnlimited
Mobile ApplicationsYesYes
Productivity features
Cross-dynamic searchNoYes
Shared annotationsNoYes
Internal heading (site)NoFrom
100 subscriptions

Holders of the "education" offer can also submit internal student work for publication on the service, for extended distribution to all subscribers, users of the application and the web service, and to more than 25.000 subscribers to social networks. From 100 subscriptions subscribed, they can also benefit, free of charge, from a dedicated section visible only to students subscribed to the service, for “internal” publications.

The subscription is offered at a very attractive price adapted to the resources of the training centers

  • less than 50 subscriptions: 12,50 € per year per subscription
  • From 50 to 250 subscriptions: 10,0 € per year per subscription
  • from 250 to 1000 subscriptions: 7,5 € per year per subscription
  • more than 1000 subscriptions: 5 € per year per subscription

For more information on Education offers, contact us at MetaDefense.fr@gmail.com

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