China's new YJ-21 and CJ-21 hypersonic anti-ship missiles are a game changer in the Pacific

Could China have stolen the courtesy from Russia by deploying a hypersonic anti-ship missile aboard its new Type 055 heavy destroyers? In any case, this is the question that arises following the publication of photos showing the firing of a missile identified as YJ-21 from one of these ships, suggesting that the missile could actually be in service, or at least in the advanced testing phase. As if that news alone wasn't enough, new photos have emerged showing an H-6N long-range naval bomber also carrying an anti-ship ballistic missile, which…

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China deploys strategic H-6 bombers within 500 km from Taiwan

A satellite photo from ImageSat Intl. of March 1, 2019, shows the deployment of 4 H-6 strategic bombers on the Chinese base of Xingning, only 450 meters from the island of Taiwan, creating renewed tensions between the two countries, and questions about Chinese objectives. Indeed, if the H-6 is not an early youth aircraft, its airframe being modeled on that of the Soviet Tu-16, the aircraft has been largely modernized by Chinese engineers. Today, the latest versions of the H-6 can implement very long-range anti-ship missiles, such as the YJ-12, capable of flying at more than mach 4...

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Chinese Su30MKK will now carry Chinese weapons

A photo published by Chinese media and widely commented on Twitter since shows a Su-30MKK, a Chinese-acquired version of the Russian fighter, carrying Chinese-made PL-12 air-to-air missiles. Inspired by the Russian R-77, the PL-12 is a radar-guided missile, whose range reaches 70 to 100 km depending on the altitude and speed of the launcher. To be able to equip their Su-30MMK with this missile, Chinese engineers have gone through a reverse engineering phase of the device's firing system, and are therefore now able to equip the Su-30 with the whole panoply of Chinese weapons. More specifically, it will be able to carry…

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