Due to the coronavirus epidemic, NATO exercise "Defender 2020" will be reduced to its bare minimum

This was to be NATO's response to the gigantic real-world exercises recently carried out by Russia and its allies, notably during Vostok 2018, but also the most ...

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Russian forces strengthen their operational readiness

While the emerging crisis concerning the exit of the United States from the INF treaty is focusing the attention of the specialized media, the Russian forces are significantly strengthening their operational preparation. The…

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Reforms of the Russian army bear fruit

Following the war against Georgia in August 2008, having seen the Russian and Georgian forces clash for the control of the secessionist oblasts of Abkhazia and Ossetia of…

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NATO holds largest exercise since "first" cold war

After the Russian exercises ZAPAD2017 having gathered more than 100.000 h in Russia and Belarus, and the exercise VOSTOK 2018 in Eastern Serbia having gathered, according to the authorities, almost 300.000 men, NATO had to react and show that it was also able to gather in a drill a large number of countries and soldiers

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Successful demonstration of strength by Russia during Exercise Vostok 2018

General Sergei Choïgou had announced that Exercise Vostok 2018, which took place in the eastern Siberian plains of 11 at 15 in September, was a massive exercise, gathering near Russian military 300.000 and their 36000 vehicles and 1000 aircraft and helicopters, the largest exercise since 1981 for Russian or Soviet forces.

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