Indonesia could buy MV-22 Osprey

This Monday, July 6, the US State Department announced that it had approved $ 7,5 billion in arms sales as part of the Foreign Military Sales (FMS). These export political authorizations ...

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First two V-22 Ospreys delivered to Japan after several years of waiting

On May 8, 2020, two V-22 Osprey convertible aircraft of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF - Japan Ground Self-Defense Force) arrived on the ground for the first time ...

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Back to basics for the United States Marine Corps

It's a small revolution that is brewing at the Pentagon. Indeed, the commander of the United States Marine Corps, General David Berger, undertook to profoundly modify this force ...

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First flight of the CMV-22B Osprey which will replace the C-2A Greyhound logistics aircraft on US Navy aircraft carriers

While the aircraft is already in service with the Marine Corps and the US Air Force, Bell Boeing announced on January 21 that the CMV-22B intended for…

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Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force: industrial proposal for a 19-ton LHD

The shipbuilding company Japan Marine United Corporation (Yokohama) presented at Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) Japan 2019 the model of a preliminary project of an amphibious assault helicopter carrier…

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Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force: overhaul of JS Izumo and JS Kaga to operate the F-35B

The Ministry of Defense (防衛 相, Bōei-shō) requests within the framework of the fiscal year 2020 currently under discussion that the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (海上 自衛隊, Kaijō Jieitai) benefit from the…

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SB> 1Defiant high-speed combat helicopter prototype begins testing

The prototype of the SB> 1 Defiant, the new generation helicopter from Sikorsky-Boeing opposed to the Bell V-280 Valor in partnership with Lockheed, began ground tests at the start of the year, foreshadowing future air tests. Derived from the X2 and S-97 demonstrators, the Defiant uses a counter-rotating rotor and a propeller ...

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