What are these next generation camouflage technologies?

In English, a term is often used to designate new generation camouflage technologies: Cloaking, literally the “use of a cape”. The reference to the elven cloaks of Frodo Baggins and the invisibility cloak of the most famous of the young British wizards is obvious, while retaining a dreamlike dimension. However, this term is now used most seriously in the world by many research laboratories working for the Defense industry around the world. Thanks to new meta-materials, it is indeed now possible to completely or partially erase the presence of an object, a vehicle or a soldier, from view...

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The US Army invests in communication between the brain and the computer

Communication between humans and a computer system today mainly involves the use of a keyboard or a touch interface, and possibly by voice. The machine, it communicates with the man via a screen, and possibly by the sound, in particular with a synthesized voice. But in a combat environment, sound like using hands, or even using a screen, may not be possible, or at least may not be advisable. For researchers at the University of Southern California, the solution could be based on an interface between the machine and the brain! At least that's the ultimate goal...

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The US Army develops a revolutionary new quantum multispectral antenna

The applications of quantum mechanics are barely beginning to appear and already, in the world of La Défense, they are opening up paths likely to profoundly modify military technology in the decades to come. We have already made use of the information processing capabilities offered by quantum computers, as well as the advanced detection capabilities of quantum radars. But the technology currently under development within the Army Research Laboratory dependent on the US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, could have very concrete applications in the short term in terms of intelligence and electronic warfare, but also communication, in the forces. In…

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