The 2 Swedish Södermanland class submarines come closer to Warsaw

Last November, the Polish authorities confirmed that they had entered into negotiations with the Swedish Kockums and their Swedish counterparts with a view to renting or acquiring the two submarines from…

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Are Turkish forces planning a major offensive in Syria?

Following serious skirmishes, on February 11, between the Syrian armed forces on their way to retake the city of Idleb, and the Turkish army present around the city, which did more…

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Naval Group's Scorpene submarine hypothesis in the Philippines becomes clearer

Over the past 20 years, the number of submarines operated by navies in Southeast Asian countries has almost quadrupled. This has brought some ...

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VMF: abandonment of anaerobic propulsion for project 677 submarines?

The Russian Military Fleet (Voïenno-Morskoï Flot (VMF)) should receive by 2027 two units ordered in 2019 from the 677 Lada project, classic fourth generation submarines. They will not…

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Tatmadaw Yay: next entry into the active service of the first Burmese submarine

India will sell INS Sindhuvir (1988 - 2019), submarine of the 877EKM project, to the Burma Navy or Myanmar (Tatmadaw Yay) within two weeks. Obtaining a first underwater capacity is not ...

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Orka program: two Södermanland class submarines ceded by Sweden for Poland?

The Polish Minister of Defense, Mr. Mariusz Błaszczak, confirmed, during the day of the Polish Navy, by communiqué the existence of negotiations with Sweden for the lease of ...

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The Russian Baltic Fleet could also receive 636.3 Improved Kilo submarines

Unlike the United States, Britain or France, the Russian Navy has never abandoned the use of diesel-electric submarines for the benefit of an entire nuclear fleet. She now has 17 ...

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The renewal of the mining war group is absent from the modernization plan of the Romanian Naval Forces (2017 - 2026)

The Romanian Naval Forces (FNR or Roman Naval Forţele Romale (FNR) benefit from a modernization plan (2017 - 2026) composed of three main acts that are the acquisition of corvettes, submarines ...

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