24 additional Sea-Ceptor anti-aircraft missiles for British Type 45 destroyers

Like the Horizon air defense frigates of the Navy and the Italian Navy, the 6 British Type 45 destroyers of the Daring class are equipped, for anti-aircraft defense, with 6 vertical launch systems for SYLVER 50 missiles for 48 silos containing a mix of Aster 15 missiles with a range of 30 km, and Aster 30 missiles with a range of more than 120 km. Referred to as the Sea Viper by the Royal Navy, this system provides global protection to the destroyer, as well as the ships it escorts, against many types of threat, such as combat aircraft or…

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British Destroyer HMS Defender targeted by Russian warning fire in Black Sea

This is a very serious event between the Royal Navy anti-aircraft destroyer HMS Defender and the Russian naval and naval air forces. According to Russian media, Moscow naval forces twice opened fire on the British destroyer HMS Defender, when it penetrated 3 km into Russian territorial waters surrounding Crimea. At 12:06, then at 12:08, warning shots were fired at the British ship to force her to leave the area. At 12:19, a Su-24M fighter-bomber of the Russian Naval Air Force also reportedly dropped 4 OFAB-250 bombs upstream of the…

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Arleigh Burke, Kongo, Super Gorshkov: Modern Destroyers - Part 2

This article follows the article “Hobart, Type 52D, Sejong le Grand: modern destroyers – Part 1” published on May 24, 2021, which presented the Hobart (Australia), Type 052D/DL (China), Sejong le Grand (South Korea) and Kolkata (India). The second part completes this panel of the 8 main classes of Modern Destroyers, with the Kongo class (Japan), Arleigh Burke (United States), Daring (United Kingdom) and 22350M Super Gorshkov (Russia). Kongo class (Japan, 4+2+2 units) The Japanese Naval Self-Defense Forces are considered the most powerfully armed 3rd fleet in the world, on par with Russia and second only to the US Navy…

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Royal Navy to send 165.000 tons of diplomacy to the Pacific

Obviously, British authorities like the Royal Navy want to make the first long-term operational deployment of their new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, an event that is as significant as it is symbolic. Indeed, the carrier battle group which will set sail next month for a 28-week mission in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, will be made up of no less than 8 major British-listed ships, representing a total tonnage of 165.000 tonnes, more to the global gauge of Marines like Turkey or Brazil. No month of 18 F35B will embark on the HMS Queen Elizabeth, including 8 belonging to the Royal Air…

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More information on the ASTER 30 Bock1NT

OCCAR announced that the ASTER 30 Block1NT program had passed the preliminary design phase at the end of 2018, defining the features, objectives and technologies that will be used for its development. Thus, the missile will have a high-frequency Ka-Band seeker, increasing its accuracy and range, allowing the new system to engage and intercept ballistic missiles at intermediate ranges of up to 1500 km. The Aster 30 Block1NT represents the mid-life evolution of the Aster system. This modernization integrates the modernization of the missile itself, but also the fire control unit, and the transport silos, as well as the ability of the system to integrate into…

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