The Royal Navy prefers the American Mk41 vertical launch system to the European SYLVER for its Type 31 frigates

In 2015, faced with a defense budget that remained below needs, the new British Defense Review reduced the format of the Type 26 anti-submarine frigates program, intended to replace the 13 Type 23 frigates of the Duke class, to 8 ships . At the same time, to maintain a format of 20 large combat surface units, i.e. 7 Type 45 anti-aircraft destroyers and 13 frigates, London undertook to launch the design of a new lighter and above all much more economical frigate than the Type 26. Thus, in December 2018, the Royal Navy arbitrated in favor of Babcock's Arrowhead 140 model for its…

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Indonesia to build 2 British Arrowhead 140 frigates

Indonesia has embarked on a major effort to modernize its land, air and naval forces in the coming years, with a rapidly growing army budget. This is how, last June, Jakarta announced to everyone's surprise an order for 6 FREMM frigates of the Bergamini class from the Italian Fincantieri, as well as the progress of negotiations with a view to acquiring 36 Rafale combat aircraft. with France. On the occasion of the DSEI 2021 exhibition, which is being held in London in mid-September, the Indonesian Minister of Defense, Prabowo Subianto, signed with the British Secretary of Defense Ben Wallace, an agreement…

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Greece to prepare to order 6 additional Rafale

“A combat squadron consists of 18 aircraft, but a good combat squadron has 24 aircraft”. This is how a Greek military source specific to the file presented Greece's forthcoming intention to order 6 additional Rafales from France for the 332nd Hellenic fighter squadron, which has already sent 6 pilots to Mont-de- Marsan to begin their transformation on the French aircraft. On the basis of the current contract for the acquisition of 18 Rafales to the F3R standard, including 6 new aircraft and 12 taken from the Air and Space Force fleet, Athens estimates the amount of the…

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British Defense will see its budget grow by £ 24bn over the next 4 years

Great Britain is a country of contrasts, and its political class, like the climate, can sometimes hold big surprises. Thus, after 3 months of rumors and fears relating to the future budget allocated to the Defense of the Kingdom, and the probable consequences of the strategic axes which will be defined by the next strategic review, the government of Boris Johnson has taken the decision to engage in an unprecedented effort for 30 years across the Channel to give the British Armies the means to carry out their missions. In concrete terms, the armed forces budget will gradually increase by £24 billion over the next 4 years, an effort of…

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Type 31, FDI, Gorshkov: What are the frigates worth today?

Today, the frigate represents the surface combat ship of excellence for first-class navies, combining the versatility of their sensors with advanced weapon systems to ensure a wide range of missions, from escort to control of maritime spaces, and sometimes even denial of access and land strikes. In this article, we are going to study some of the main classes of modern medium tonnage frigates, destined to become the backbone of many navies in the world, in order to compare them with each other but also to refine the perception of the technological balance of power and military in the field...

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