Will the United Kingdom sacrifice its defense on the altar of Covid19?

Since the end of the Second World War, Great Britain had, along with France, the most experienced and efficient armies in Western Europe, based on a military tradition ...

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Royal Navy: Contract Signed for the Five Frigates Type 31

The General Purpose Frigate (GPFF) or Type 31 program has resulted in the signing of a contract between the Ministry of Defense (UK Ministry of Defense) and the consortium ...

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British defense equipment exports exploded in 2018

According to the report published by the Department of International Trade, British defense equipment exports have experienced a very strong growth of 5 Md £ 2018 vis-à-vis 2019, ...

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Russia confirms its hypersonic mastery by launching the "mini-Zirkon"

In an article in the Izvestia newspaper, the Russian authorities confirmed the development of a "mini" version of the hypersonic anti-ship missile, designed to equip small-scale ships.

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The United Kingdom injects 1 billion pounds into defense to support its effort against Russia

Of all Western European countries, Britain today is the one that seems to react with the greatest strength and determination to the increased perceived threat of terrorism.

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BAe Type26 frigate to equip Australian Navy

It's official, the Australian government awarded the British BAe the contract for the construction of 9 Heavy Frigates for the Royal Australian Navy by the end of the 2020 years. This new class of frigate, identified as the Hunter class, will be based on the new heavy frigate ASM type 26

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British defense committee paints uncompromising review of British military power

In its report, the British Defense Committee is not content to propose a target for 3% of GDP (and the means to achieve it) for armies across the Channel, but it does not ...

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