Royal Navy to send 165.000 tons of diplomacy to the Pacific

Obviously, British authorities like the Royal Navy want to make the first long-term operational deployment of their new aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth, an event that is as significant as it is symbolic. Indeed, the carrier battle group which will set sail next month for a 28-week mission in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, will be made up of no less than 8 major British-listed ships, representing a total tonnage of 165.000 tonnes, more to the global gauge of Marines like Turkey or Brazil. No month of 18 F35B will embark on the HMS Queen Elizabeth, including 8 belonging to the Royal Air…

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Greece reportedly in talks with London for Royal Navy Type 23 frigates

The Hellenic Navy suffers from a cruel lack of frigates and heavy corvettes to be able to cope with the planned rise in power of the Turkish Navy, in a theater as complex as the Aegean Sea. This is the reason why, despite its limited budgetary capacities, Athens has been seeking for several years to acquire new ships, whether new or second-hand. A month ago, the Greek and Israeli authorities announced the creation of a joint venture to build the new class of Themistocles corvettes, based on the Sa'ar 72 model, from the Israeli group Israel Shipyards. But these…

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The British frigate HMS Portland receives its new generation sonar

The Royal Navy's Type 23 frigate HMS Portland has received its new hull sonar, the Type 2150 model, replacing the 2050 sonar dating from the 90s and which has been fitted to HMS Portland since entering service in 2001. This model of sonar, called "Ultra" because of the name of the British company that produces it, Ultra Electronics Command & Sonar Systems, will be installed on 7 other Type 23 frigates as part of their modernization, as well as on the first 3 Type 26 frigates in progress of construction. In addition to a performance gain, the Ultra will bring a new, more efficient interface, and a…

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