Marina militare: reflections on the integration of the CAMM-ER anti-aircraft missile aboard PPA Light and PP (X)

The CAMM-ER anti-aircraft missile has successfully completed a year 2019 devoted to a set of tests including shots. The decision of the House Defense Committee ...

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Royal Navy: Contract Signed for the Five Frigates Type 31

The General Purpose Frigate (GPFF) or Type 31 program has resulted in the signing of a contract between the Ministry of Defense (UK Ministry of Defense) and the consortium ...

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British defense committee paints uncompromising review of British military power

In its report, the British Defense Committee is not content to propose a target for 3% of GDP (and the means to achieve it) for armies across the Channel, but it does not ...

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CAMM goes into service in the Royal Navy and soon in the British Army

British forces now use the Sea-Wolf short-range air defense system for the protection of its ships, and the Rapiers for the protection of its land forces. Contemporary French rattlesnake, these two systems were already in service during the Malvinas war, where they met real success

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