Type 214, Scorpene, Yuan: how do modern conventional submarines perform? - Part 1

With the return of international tensions in the early 2010s, the role of attack submarines rose considerably for the world's navies. A new generation of conventionally powered attack submarines is now entering service, often fitted with anaerobic modules extending their diving range and offering increased performance and enhanced offensive capabilities. A dozen models today share this often critical market for many navies. In this article, we will present the first 5 models (alphabetical classification by country), to understand their performance and advantages. A second article will present the last 5 models. Germany: Type 212…

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Covid-19: Singapore delays deliveries of submarines and helicopters, but continues defense modernization

According to Defense News, the Singapore Armed Forces recently made announcements about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their materiel acquisition programs. The main delays should concern the deliveries of new generation submarines and transport helicopters planned for this year, and which should be postponed by one or two years. The planning for the purchase of F-35B stealth combat aircraft would not, however, be impacted by the current crisis, for the moment. If the Asia-Pacific region was one of the first affected by the pandemic, the situation now seems to be almost back to normal in Singapore, which has been able to effectively manage the…

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