Is the Mediterranean again an area of ​​concentration of forces?

Traditionally, when we think of geographical areas under tension where many military forces are present, it is common to refer to the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, or more recently to the Western Pacific, especially around the China Sea. . On the other hand, the Mediterranean, and in particular the eastern Mediterranean, which was between the Second World War and the end of the 60s one of the most active areas militarily speaking, has since slipped, in the overall perception, towards the status of a secure area, allowing a significant commercial traffic. But for the past decade, many nations bordering the Mediterranean, as well as others there…

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Athens will officially ask Washington for an Arleigh Burke destroyer

For several years, the Greek authorities have hoped to obtain from their American counterparts the loan or the sale of a second-hand Arleigh Burke-class destroyer or a second-hand Ticonderoga-class cruiser, to reinforce its anti-aircraft capabilities and be in able to cope with the rise of Turkish power. Until now, these requests, passed through the military or technocratic channels, have never obtained a favorable response either from Washington, and even less from the US Navy, which is struggling to maintain a minimum format to respond to increased operating pressure. But obviously, President Kyriakos Mitsotakis does not seem ready to…

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Type 214, Scorpene, Yuan: how do modern conventional submarines perform? - Part 1

With the return of international tensions in the early 2010s, the role of attack submarines rose considerably for the world's navies. A new generation of conventionally powered attack submarines is now entering service, often fitted with anaerobic modules extending their diving range and offering increased performance and enhanced offensive capabilities. A dozen models today share this often critical market for many navies. In this article, we will present the first 5 models (alphabetical classification by country), to understand their performance and advantages. A second article will present the last 5 models. Germany: Type 212…

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France has deployed its fleet in the Eastern Mediterranean against Turkey

The French Navy has announced that it has deployed in the Eastern Mediterranean from 4 to 13 November, a powerful surface combat fleet, made up of the light stealth frigate Lafayette, the anti-submarine frigate Latouche-Tréville, and the defense frigate aerial Forbin, the most powerfully armed of the French Navy's combat surface units. This naval device, designated Surface Action Group or SaG by the Admiralty, which also includes an Atlantic 2 maritime patrol aircraft based in Crete, and an Air Force Awacs E3F Sentry forward air control aircraft, is the one of the most imposing deployed by France in the last two…

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Greece is expected to receive 20 F35A, including 6 initially built for Turkey

The Greek press revealed today that on the occasion of the visit of Mike Pompeo, the American Secretary of State, to Athens, the latter would have authorized the sale of 20 F35A fighter planes to the Greek air force, including 6 aircraft already built and which were initially to be delivered to the Turkish forces, before the exclusion of the country from the program following the acquisition of S400 systems. These 6 aircraft are due to enter service in 2021, alongside the first 6 Rafales delivered by France, in order to constitute the spearhead of the Greek air forces, in particular to thwart Turkish anti-aircraft defenses and their S400 systems. This startling statement...

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Turkey on track to complete modernization of Pakistan's first Agosta-90B submarine, despite French opposition

In recent days, the Turkish and Pakistani press have returned to the modernization program for Pakistani Agosta-90B type submarines being refitted in Turkey. The Turkish company STM, in charge of the redesign of the first building, would thus have affirmed that a first modernized Agosta-90B would be launched by the end of the month "despite the sanctions and restrictions" imposed by France. The statement does not, however, specify whether its sanctions and restrictions are imposed by the French authorities or by Naval Group, the builder of the Agosta, nor whether they are exercised on the end customer (Pakistan) or on the Turkish industrialists in charge of…

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Naval Group's Scorpene selected for the final of the P75i Indian program

The Indian Ministry of Defense has published the list of 5 international companies and 2 local shipyards which will participate in the final of the P75i program relating to the design and construction of 6 submarines with anaerobic propulsion. The finalists are the French Naval Group with the Scorpene submarine, the Russian Rubin with the Amur 1650, the German TKMS with the Type 214, the Spanish Navantia with the S80 and the South Korean DSME with the KS-III . The two shipyards selected are Mazagon Docks Ltd (MDL), which has already manufactured the first 2 Scorpene submarines of the P75 program, and L&T shipyards. The…

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Russian and Chinese anti-submarine capabilities gain strength against the US Navy

If the visible power of the US Navy is based on its 10 super nuclear aircraft carriers, and the hundred cruisers and destroyers that accompany them, it is above all the fifty or so Los Angeles-class nuclear attack submarines and Virginia, which assures it almost exclusive control of the seas of the globe. However, as in many areas, the renewal of the submarine component has been neglected over the past 20 years, losing its appeal with the supposed disappearance of conflicts between nations, in the face of large-scale anti-terrorist operations such as in Afghanistan and in Iraq/Syria. If today the US Navy receives an average of 2 Virginia submarines per…

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