Turkey to complete modernization of Pakistan's first Agosta-90B submarine, despite French opposition

In recent days, the Turkish and Pakistani press has returned to the program to modernize Pakistani submarines of the Agosta-90B type, which is being redesigned in Turkey. Turkish society…

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Naval Group's Scorpene selected for the final of the P75i Indian program

The Indian Ministry of Defense has published the list of 5 international companies and 2 local shipyards which will take part in the final of the P75i program relating to…

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Russian and Chinese anti-submarine capabilities gain strength against the US Navy

If the visible power of the US Navy is based on its 10 super nuclear aircraft carrier, and the hundred cruisers and destroyers that accompanies them, it is mostly fifty submarines ...

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European naval consolidation facing its contradictions

During the presentation of the "MERCATOR" plan, framing the evolution of the Navy up to 2030, the Chief of Staff of the French Navy, Admiral Prazuck, implicitly confirmed a fear that ...

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