Italy is giving itself the means but is struggling to find the military for its new defense ambitions

The increase in appropriations devoted to defense had been one of Giorgia Meloni's campaign commitments, with the stated ambition of bringing the Italian defense effort to 2% by the end of the decade, against 1,51 .2023% in XNUMX. And in fact, speaking to the Senate earlier this week, the now Prime Minister of the country confirmed that she intended to strictly apply her campaign commitments in this area, and this in a perfectly open manner. and assumed. She was referring here to the increase in the budget of the armies granted by the previous coalition which was done in the most discreet way possible, so as to...

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Can France return the courtesy to Germany on the subject of Dutch submarines?

In 2017, the Norwegian authorities announced the end of the competition initiated for several years to replace the 6 Ula class submarines in service with the Royal Norwegian Navy since the beginning of the 80s. Indeed, Berlin had proposed to Oslo to co-develop a new version of its Type 212 submarine, designated Type 212CD, and to order, in this case, two ships to reinforce the fleet of 6 submersibles in service within the German Navy. By doing so, all development costs were divided equally between Berlin and Oslo, and industrial compensation...

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The Deutsche Marine could also benefit from the increase in the German defense effort

Important Information: A technical problem prevented subscribers from renewing their subscription with the same email address. The problem is now fixed. Since the announcement of the implementation of an exceptional effort by Berlin to modernize its armed forces, resulting in an investment budget of €100 billion presented by Chancellor Olaf Scholz a few days after the start of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, many programs were launched across the Rhine for the Luftwaffe (F-35 and Typhoon ECR aircraft, CH-47F helicopters, SCAF, Eurodrone) and for the Bundeswehr (VCI Marder, ammunition, anti-aircraft defense -air and anti-missiles..). On the other hand, the Deutsche Marine…

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With the Type 212CD, the German TKMS wants to design the first truly stealthy submarine

Since the beginning of the 70s, a technological race has taken place between the designers of more and more efficient passive sonar, and the manufacturers of submarines, who were seeking to produce more and more discreet submersibles, i.e. say radiating as little mechanical or man-made noise as possible. Gradually, anti-submarine warfare saw the famous "bang" of active sonars made famous by many films, replaced by high-sensitivity hydrophones, increasingly efficient computer signal processing algorithms, and the famous "golden ears", very awkwardly honored in the film "Le chant du loup".…

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Type 214, Scorpene, Yuan: how do modern conventional submarines perform? - Part 1

With the return of international tensions in the early 2010s, the role of attack submarines rose considerably for the world's navies. A new generation of conventionally powered attack submarines is now entering service, often fitted with anaerobic modules extending their diving range and offering increased performance and enhanced offensive capabilities. A dozen models today share this often critical market for many navies. In this article, we will present the first 5 models (alphabetical classification by country), to understand their performance and advantages. A second article will present the last 5 models. Germany: Type 212…

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Despite the Covid19 crisis, Italy will increase its defense budget by nearly 10% in 2021

Italy was one of the countries most affected by the first wave of the Covid-19 virus this spring, with nearly 250.000 cases diagnosed and 35.000 deaths. It was also one of the most affected economically, with a fall in its GDP of more than 12%, without taking into account the effects of the current second wave. It is also the best-off European country in the Brussels recovery plan, with no less than €209 billion allocated to it to rebuild its economy, almost 30% of the overall envelope of this plan. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, the authorities…

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The Netherlands is invited to join the partnership between Germany and Norway for its submarines

Norway's defense minister said the Netherlands would be welcome to join the Type212 NG submarine program, which emerged from the partnership between Germany and Norway. The Navy of the Netherlands is currently conducting a preparatory phase for the launch of a call for tenders aimed at replacing its Walrus-class submarines, dating from the 80s. As a reminder, Norway has ended the tender procedure of offer which opposed the Scorpene of DCNS and the U212 of TKMS, to accept the offer of strategic partnership of Germany in order to jointly design and build an improved version of the Type212 submarine, the German Navy undertaking to order…

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