Taiwan: When and how will China go on the offensive?

For several years, the tensions between Washington and Beijing around the Taiwanese question have continued to grow, to now become a subject constantly flirting with the casus belli, between the incursions of the navy and the American and allied air forces at sea. of South China and in the Taiwan Strait, the interceptions and the naval and air incursions of the People's Liberation Army around the island, and the successive and reciprocal responses as soon as Washington sends a new load of armaments, parliamentarians or members of the government in Taipei. The belligerent dynamic is such that from now on, the armed forces…

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China, too, would develop a nuclear-powered torpedo

The imminent arrival of the strategic couple formed by the nuclear-powered missile submarine Belgorod, a variation of the Antey class, and the nuclear-powered strategic drone torpedo Poseidon, within the Russian Navy, has caused much ink to flow. in recent weeks in the West, even if the effective strategic contribution of this pair capable of eliminating a large coastal city with its head of 2 megatons, is more than debatable. However, the principle has apparently inspired Chinese engineers, who have just announced the design of a torpedo equipped with a miniaturized nuclear reactor. On the other hand, the operational concept targeted by the Chinese Navy differs…

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New model of nuclear attack submarine identified in China

While all media attention is now focused on developments in the conflict in Ukraine, the other theaters of operation and potential confrontation continue to evolve. This is particularly the case in Asia and in the Indo-Pacific theatre, with successive announcements concerning the development of new capacities in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and above all in the People's Republic of China. Among these revelations, the dissemination of a satellite photo showing a new model of a Chinese nuclear attack submarine deserves very special attention, as the underwater dimension will constitute, in the years to come, a major area of ​​confrontation between Peking and the Western Camps. Until he...

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Modern nuclear attack submarines

With the episode of the cancellation of the contract for conventionally powered Shortfin Barracuda submarines by Australia in favor of American-British nuclear-powered submarines, nuclear-powered attack submarines have experienced, these recent months, a relatively contradictory media over-exposure with the mission by nature discreet of these oceanic Leviathans which constitute, even today, among the most complex human constructions ever carried out. As fast as they are stealthy, nuclear attack submarines yes SNA, whose missions go from intelligence gathering to anti-surface warfare, but also to hunting other submarines, are today the prerogative exclusive to the navies of the 5 major world nuclear powers…

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China is strengthening its military naval industrial capabilities… again!

Where will it stop? A legitimate question when we know that after having completely modernized and extended the production capacities of its shipyards intended to manufacture combat surface units, allowing a production of frigates, destroyers and cruisers without common measure with the United States , and after starting work to modernize and expand production capacities for very large ships, such as aircraft carriers and assault helicopter carriers, new satellite images show that Beijing has expanded its Bohai naval industrial site which manufactures the nuclear submarines of the Navy of the People's Liberation Army (MAPL) or PLAN for the English acronym.…

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Military intervention in Taiwan becomes commonplace in Chinese communication

In just a few months, the Chinese international press, largely controlled by the country's central government, has profoundly changed its discourse concerning the tensions around the island of Taiwan, but also in the China Sea vis-à-vis the US Navy, and against the Indian Navy. Whereas at the start of the year, the tone was more one of denunciation of American "provocations" in the region, which could create exaggerated tensions, it now reports, in a precise and almost banal way, a military intervention against the independent island, as the likely outbreak of a conflict between Beijing and Washington or New Delhi. We have already discussed the subject...

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Naval Group's Scorpene submarine hypothesis in the Philippines becomes clearer

Over the past 20 years, the number of submarines used by the navies of Southeast Asian countries has almost quadrupled. This has led some countries, hitherto without this type of ship, to want to quickly acquire this capacity, and therefore these buildings. This is the case of the Philippines which, according to an article in latribune.fr, is increasingly interested in acquiring 2 conventional Scorpene submarines from the French Naval Group. The information is not new, since already in July 2019, we mentioned this marked interest by the Manila authorities for the French submersible. But it seems...

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