Modernization of the Pakistan Navy advances at high speed

The rapprochement between Beijing and Islamabad is no longer to be demonstrated, especially with regard to military cooperation and defense equipment. Following tensions between the Pakistani authorities…

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The Sri Lankan Navy received a frigate offered by China

The P625 Open Water Patrolman (OPV), named SLNS Parakramabahu, entered service in the Sri Lankan Navy during a ceremony held on August 22 in the presence of President Maithripala ...

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In 2030 the Chinese Navy will surpass the US Navy on the Indo-Pacific Theater

Since the beginning of the 2010 decade, the Chinese Navy has undertaken to develop a powerful and modern fleet of high seas, able, eventually, to challenge the US Navy ...

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Russian and Chinese anti-submarine capabilities gain strength against the US Navy

If the visible power of the US Navy is based on its 10 super nuclear aircraft carrier, and the hundred cruisers and destroyers that accompanies them, it is mostly fifty submarines ...

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5 aircraft carrier and 5eme generation aircraft for the Chinese Navy in 2030

Recent satellite photos have shown that work on the construction of the first copy of the new class of Chinese aircraft carriers, this time with catapult and stopping strands ...

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Pakistan is getting closer to China

Since the intervention of the US-led western coalition in Afghanistan, relations between the West and Pakistan have steadily deteriorated, with the latter regularly accused of playing a double game with the United States. Taliban rebels

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The Chinese Navy maintains its growth effort

The performance of the Chinese naval defense industry is well established today, if not with some irreducible believers that Chinese buildings are only pale copies of their Western and Russian counterparts.

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