The most anticipated novelties of the Chinese airshow in Zhuhai

From December 28 to October 3, the China Air Show will be held in Zhuhai, near Macao on the southern coast of China. Traditionally focused primarily on the presentation of Chinese equipment in the aeronautical field and, more broadly, Defense, the 2021 edition could be a milestone, with many new programs announced, as well as exclusive presentations of devices and models. . While the show has not yet started, many set-ups have created significant interest from…

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J-16D electronic warfare aircraft is in service with the Chinese Air Force

Many expected the two-seat J-20A or the carrier-based J-35 to be the star of the upcoming Zhuhai Air Show, to be held next week in southern China. No information concerning the presence of these new devices has yet filtered. On the other hand, a J-16D electronic warplane, in the colors of the People's Liberation Army air force, did indeed land at Zhuhai airport on Tuesday to participate in the show. Therefore, there is no doubt that the new device, which is intended to be the equivalent of the American EA-18G Growler, is actually in service within the forces…

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China takes major milestone in military turbojets

After 35 years of effort, the Chinese aeronautical industry has finally succeeded in developing a sufficiently reliable and efficient version of its WS-10 turbojet engine to equip a series single-engine combat aircraft. Indeed, a snapshot leaked on Chinese social networks recently shows a J-10C single-engine fighter of the People's Liberation Army Air Force (FAAPL) equipped with the WS-10B version of this engine, confirming that the latter has now reached the criteria required, particularly in terms of reliability and performance, to equip this type of device. So far, even if the Chinese J-11, J-15 and J-16 twin-engine fighters had already started their conversion to…

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With the WS-10 turbojet, the Chinese military aviation industry becomes autonomous

Appearing a few days ago on twitter, photos showing a Chinese J10C light fighter in APLAF colors equipped with the locally made WS-10 engine is a much bigger step for the aviation industry than it seems. country's military. Admittedly, the WS-10 engine is not new, and it already equipped fighters like the J-11B, some J-15 and J-16. But the unreliability of the engine has until now forced the Chinese authorities to use it only on twin-engine, single-engine aircraft, such as the J-10, which today constitutes the backbone of the PLA air force with nearly 500 copies in…

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New version of Chinese J-10 single-engine fighter declared operational

The Chinese Air Force General Staff announced that the new version of the J-10 light fighter, the J-10C, has been declared fully operational. The J-10C, which today equips at least 3 PLA regiments, is a version with reinforced avionics of the J-10, integrating in particular an AESA radar, new data links, and a payload capacity of more extensive armament. The production of J-10 is today about forty units per year, the majority being intended to be brought to standard C. This production should grow up to 45/50 units per year. A new standard, the J-10D, is currently being designed, and tests have been carried out with…

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The J-20 could be equipped with vector-driven reactors

The blog has published an analysis concerning the probable integration of local WS-10 engines with vectored thrust, significantly increasing the maneuverability of the device, especially in the combat phase. China communicates very little about these Defense programs, and the information that goes back to the West is often the work of Chinese "spotters", who publish photos and comments on the latest weapon systems. In this case, the vectored thrust WS-10 reactor was initially tested on a J-10B light fighter, before being integrated into the flagship of the Chinese aeronautical industry. According to the testimonies of Chinese pilots, the J-20 would bring real added value in air combat beyond…

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