The new Russian strategic bomber Tu-160M2 has made its maiden flight

Russia is one of the only 3 countries in the world to have a strategic triad, namely a nuclear deterrent based simultaneously on land, naval and air vectors. For now, this third component is the least well off, with only 16 Tu-160M ​​supersonic strategic bombers, the bulk of the force still being made up of fifty Tu-95MS turboprops. It is precisely to replace these devices that the Russian authorities launched, in 2015, a program aimed at restoring the Tu-160 assembly line to a new modernized standard designated Tu-160M2, and producing 35 new devices, while that at the same time, the aeronautical industry…

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Russia's PAK DA strategic bomber program ambitions revealed

Although started at the beginning of the previous decade, the Russian strategic bomber program PAK DA, intended to replace from 2027 the antediluvian Tu-95 Bear still in service in the strategic arsenal of Moscow, remains very mysterious, and well little information has actually been divulged about him, without it being possible to judge its veracity. An article published on the RIA Novosti site offers a slightly more enlightened vision of what this new aircraft will be, which will evolve alongside the Tu-160M ​​Black Jack strategic bombers and the Tu-22M3M Backfire supersonic long-range bombers. C at the beginning of the next…

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Russia to deploy naval military base in Sudan

For more than 20 years, the Russian and Chinese authorities have sharply criticized the United States, but also Great Britain and France, for the deployment of external military bases, whether in Asia or in Africa. However, in 2017, Beijing inaugurated a major Chinese naval base in the small African state of Djibouti, which already hosts an American base and a French base. As for Russia, it signed, on November 6, an agreement with the Sudanese authorities of Lieutenant-General Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman al-Burhan, to deploy a major naval base on the Indian Ocean coast, as announced Russian Prime Minister...

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Tu-160M2 marks renewal of Russian strategic bombing

In a few days, the news was particularly rich on the question of Russian bombers, announcing the renewal of the strategic forces of the Russian Air Force in the decades to come. Indeed, after the first flight of the prototype of the supersonic Tu-160M2 on February 2, followed by the announcement of an order for 10 serial copies, the Russian press indicated the next day that the Russian Ministry of Defense gave its agreement for the launch of production of the future PAK-DA stealth bomber, whose first flight is expected for 2027. These two very distinct programs are indeed closely linked on the industrial level and…

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