Syrian Pantsir S1 anti-aircraft systems cut to pieces by Turkish drones at Idleb according to Ankara

Any publicity is good to take, said Andy Warhol. The Russian company Almaz-Antei, which manufactures the Pantsir S1 close protection anti-aircraft protection system, should hardly share this opinion these…

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Russia strengthens its naval system in the eastern Mediterranean facing Syria

Yesterday, an air raid, officially attributed to the Damascus regime, killed at least 33 Turkish soldiers, resulting in a rapid response from Ankara, as well as the meeting in…

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Close-up anti-aircraft protection of Russian units

Aware of the superiority of NATO's air power, Russia never sought to equal it, as the Soviet Union had done. However, Moscow has always been determined to ...

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Protection against drones and rockets becomes a necessity in the short term

The US Army has formalized an order for 2 Israeli Iron Dome protection systems to ensure the close protection of its infrastructure against drones, rockets, mortar shells and ...

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The Arctic issue for Russia

Moscow has never hidden its strategic interest in the Siberian Arctic. Since 2010, the Russian military forces have thus not built 6 new polar bases months, and the Arctic military device has 14 airbases and 16 deepwater ports on the 18.000 km of Arctic coastlines that the country has.

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