France should finally receive Chinook heavy helicopters

This is news that we no longer expected, even if the ground had recently been prepared for such an announcement: France should finally be equipped with heavy transport CH-47 Chinook helicopters.…

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Thales and Rheinmetall join forces to equip German helicopters with rockets

During Operation "Desert Storm" in 1991, Western air and ground forces observed that the use of rockets, whether from combat aircraft or from ...

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Attrition becomes a thorny issue for French helicopter fleets

The question of replacing aircraft lost by accident or in combat (mainly rotary wings) is rarely mentioned. This is in addition to the extremely worrying rate of availability of recent equipment, like ...

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Special Operations Command takes an interest in US CH-47 Chinooks

According to the COS press kit provided on July 14, 2019, the latter is currently studying the acquisition of heavy Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopters in order to extend air mobility solutions for ...

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The availability of ALAT tigers has been impacted by the German position

While speaking on the difficulties encountered by the ALAT in maintaining a fleet of Tiger combat helicopters sufficient for operational needs, General Charles Beaudouin, Deputy Chief Plan of…

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Florence Parly Announces Order for 5eme Barracuda and Tiger Mk3

The Ministry of the Armed Forces, through Minister Florence Parly, announced the official order of the 5eme submarine attack submarine Barracuda class Suffren for the Navy, which will be christened "Casabianca"

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The return of light air-ground munitions

The US Marines Corps announced that it has completed the qualification campaign for the APKWS system, for Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System, on an F-18 aircraft. Already qualified on Harrier AV-8B, this system is based ...

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