Polish President's visit to Washington: how far will the Trump administration play the card of European disunity?

Four days before the first Polish presidential election and on the eve of an official visit by the current head of state Andrzej Duda to Washington, the Polish press reports that ...

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Thales and Rheinmetall join forces to equip German helicopters with rockets

During Operation "Desert Storm" in 1991, Western air and land forces found that the use of rockets, whether from combat aircraft or…

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Attrition becomes a thorny problem for French helicopter fleets

The question of replacing aircraft lost by accident or in combat (essentially rotary wings) is rarely raised. This is added to the extremely worrying rate of availability of recent equipment, like…

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Leonardo targets Poland with his AW249 combat helicopter

Poland does not succeed in France, we know it. After the cancellation of the order for 50 H225M Caracal maneuver helicopters following the election of the nationalist president Andrej ...

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Australia gives up Tiger combat helicopters

The Australian Armed Forces, ordering 22 Tiger Combat Helicopters to the Attack Reconnaissance Helicoptere (ARH) Standard from Airbus Helicopters in 2001, were the first, and the only, ...

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Fleet management: capabilities and optimization of interoperability

In this article, Julien Maire studies the impact of fleet structure on maintenance costs and availability. A substantive article has a strong technical dimension, but accessible to non-specialists, to understand the complexity of this issue often too simplified in the public debate.

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