To respond to China, the US Navy will profoundly modify the structure of its fleet

After 8 months of waiting, the new US Navy Shipbuilding Plan will be presented to US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper next week. It will not be ...

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Commissioning of the Aegis Ashore anti-missile system in Poland again delayed by two years

The entry into operational service of the NATO ballistic missile defense site in Poland was once again postponed by two years. Initially planned for 2018, then for…

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US Navy planning in the midst of a storm

The future format of the US Navy, and as a corollary the planning concerning the construction of ships for the next years, is the subject of an intense confrontation between the office of the Secretary…

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The replacement of the US Navy Ticonderoga cruisers finally defined, partially ...

The United States Navy (US Navy) obtained in its budget 2020 that only 7 Ticonderoga class cruisers are modernized against 11 initially planned, which is less…

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US Navy struggles to define plan for manufacturing surface naval units

Like many Western armed forces, the US Navy has seen its format significantly erode during the 2000 and 2010 years, and is now struggling to rebalance with the capabilities of the US Navy.

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US military forces prepare for major and simultaneous conflicts

Like most Western armies, the US armed forces had a period of flutter after the collapse of the Soviet bloc. Not only did they have to cope with budget cuts, but they were widely used in asymmetric conflicts, such as in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

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US expert questions the relevance of the FFG (X) program

In a report to congressional research services, Defense expert Ron O'Rourke bluntly attacks the FFG (X) program. According to him, the precipitous launch of this program is not based on an effective analysis of the needs of the US Navy, but on the opinions of experts, by nature subjective.

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The US Navy will not be able to follow the progress of the Chinese Navy

This is the confession of powerlessness made by the US naval authorities, who seek to extend the operational life of its Ticonderoga cruisers and its first Burke destroyers, so as not to ...

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