FREMM Brittany and Normandy will be equipped with Aster30

The last two representatives of the FREMM class, the Brittany and Normandy frigates, will receive vertical launch silos SYLVER50 (5 meters high) in place of the SYLVER43 (4m30 in height) of the preceding units, allowing the 2 French vessels to receive Aster30 missiles instead of Aster15 missiles.

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Is the articulation of European programs effective?

The European Defense industry has not particularly shone in recent years with its ability to implement multinational programs. With 7 industrial partners, 3 aircraft manufacturers (Airbus, Dassault ...

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Britain is getting closer to Europe of Defense

While for four decades Britain has opposed within the European Union to all Defense initiatives, which it considered redundant and useless vis-à-vis NATO, the government of Theresa May announced that he supports the French initiative to maintain close industrial and military ties with the United Kingdom following Brexit.

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The Sea Fire radar that will equip the FTI frigates enters the production phase

Thales announced that the Sea Fire 500 radar, which will equip the Intermediate Sizes frigates of the French Navy, entered the production phase, meaning the end of the test phase. The SeaFire 500 represents a new generation of multifunction radar, using 4 AESA active fixed antennas, to detect supersonic mobiles.

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Japan offers P1 for future Franco-German maritime patrol aircraft

While the Americans are investing the media to try to bend the German government for the purchase of F-35, it is the turn of the Japanese to try to intercede in the Franco-German agreement for the construction of the future aircraft of Franco-German maritime patrol

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The return of light air-ground munitions

The US Marines Corps has announced that it has completed the APKWS System Qualification Campaign for Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System on F-18 aircraft. Already qualified on Harrier AV-8B, this system rests ...

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