Royal Navy: Contract Signed for the Five Frigates Type 31

The General Purpose Frigate (GPFF) or Type 31 program has resulted in the signing of a contract between the Ministry of Defense (UK Ministry of Defense) and the consortium ...

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Can we merge the SCAF and Tempest programs into a single European program?

After the call of Patrice Caine, CEO of Thales, it is the turn of Guillaume Faury, CEO of Airbus, to call for the rapprochement of SCAF programs bringing together Germany, Spain and France, ...

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Launch of the Electronic Warfare ARCHANG program for the Air Force

The Minister of the Armed Forces, Mrs. Florence Parly, announced the decision to launch the program Airplanes of Intelligence at CHArge useful of New Generation (ARCHANGE) the 18 November 2019 with the ...

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Dassault and Thales to modernize the mirage 2000-9 from the United Arab Emirates

With 68 copies ordered, the United Arab Emirates has been Dassault's largest export customer of the 2000 Mirage. What's more, the devices were delivered between ...

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Europeans engage in electronic warfare technologies

Are we witnessing a belated but welcome awareness of the need for electronic warfare capabilities and the suppression of air defense in Europe? Whatever, ...

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Spain prefers Indra to Airbus DS for its participation in the SCAF program

The Spanish authorities announced the 9 in September that they entrusted the company Indra, specialized in aeronautical embedded systems, with the role of national supervisor for the SCAF program. She…

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Babcock British Shipyards Presented to Build 5 31 Frigates Type Royal Navy

The rumor has swelled in recent days, without being denied by the British authorities. The Babcock Shipyards, already in charge of the construction of the 5 OPV River and ...

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