Mirage F1s will train US Air Force fighter pilots

In 2014, the last Mirage F1s of the French Air Force retired after four decades of loyal service. Until the end, this single-jet fighter from Dassault ...

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The US Army will renew and extend its range of drones with the FVL program

The Futur Vertical Lift program is one of the 6 main pillars of the BIG 6 super program which should allow the US Army to maintain a technological and operational advantage over…

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US Light Armored Reconnaissance Program May Be Reborn Thanks To Special Forces

Since 2001, the air campaigns of Western forces have hinged mainly on missions of close air support (CAS) and counterinsurgency (COIN), leading the air forces to neglect to…

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US Air Force Light Aircraft Program Grows, Loses Interest

The second test phase of the US Air Force Light Attack Aircraft finalists, the Ambraer A29 Super Tucano and the Textron AT-6B Wolverine, kicked off the 7 May in Sierra Nevada.

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