Russia to align force of 900 T14 and T90M tanks by 2027

During the official presentation of the new generation T14 Armata battle tank, on 9 but 2015 on the occasion of the military parade for the celebration of 70 years…

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Russian forces receive upgraded versions of their armored vehicles

Since the end of the 2000 years, the Russian defense industry has undertaken to design a new generation of armored fighting vehicle, represented by the Armata family or the vehicles ...

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Pakistan orders 340 Russian heavy tanks T90 and 240 VT4 Chinese

Pakistan has announced the order of no less than 600 modern battle tanks, including Russian-made 360 T-90, and 240 VT-4, the newest generation of Chinese new-generation battle tanks.

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The Arctic issue for Russia

Moscow has never hidden its strategic interest in the Siberian Arctic. Since 2010, the Russian military forces have thus not built 6 new polar bases months, and the Arctic military device has 14 airbases and 16 deepwater ports on the 18.000 km of Arctic coastlines that the country has.

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