Spain and Airbus will develop a new training and attack aircraft

Friday October 16, Airbus surprised its world by presenting announcing that the European aeronautics giant had launched a program aimed at designing, at the request of Spain, a ...

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Argentina suspends order of FA-50 Golden Eagle aircraft from South Korea due to Covid-19

According to a press release from the South Korean aircraft manufacturer KAI, Buenos Aires would have suspended the order for FA-50 Golden Eagle fighter planes announced but not confirmed last July, which was to…

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Royal Thai Air Force could multiply suppliers to modernize

On February 20, the Thai Air Force (Royal Thai Air Force - RTAF) published a White Paper detailing the country's military re-equipment projects for the next…

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Boeing targets Asia to export its new T-7A Red Hawk training aircraft

In September 2018, Boeing was selected by the Pentagon as part of the TX program to supply the new advanced training aircraft of the US Air Force. Developed with help ...

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Modern training and attack planes

For almost 3 decades, after the end of the cold war, the majority of the world's air forces remained in a relatively fixed technological format, and the deflation of the workforce ...

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Bulgaria is interested in South Korean T50 Golden Eagle training and attack fighter

With a GDP of 60 Md $, Bulgaria, like many European countries, has great difficulties to modernize its air force, today equipped with about fifteen Mig29 and ...

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