Russia prepares T-14 Armata replacement for 2040

After the failures of the Russian T80 tanks which entered Grozny in 1994 during the First Chechen War, and that of the American Abrams engaged against the Iraqi guerrillas,…

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Russia tested T14 Armata heavy tank in Syria

Since 2015 and the first deployments of forces in Syria, the Russian armies have deployed many materials under development and prototypes in this theater, to assess…

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Are European defense programs in the right technological tempo?

While the 3 major world military powers, the United States, China and Russia, seem to have entered a new technological arms race, European industries remain engaged…

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Russia to align force of 900 T14 and T90M tanks by 2027

During the official presentation of the new generation T14 Armata battle tank, on 9 but 2015 on the occasion of the military parade for the celebration of 70 years…

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The first batch of T14 Armata tanks will be delivered to the Russian forces at the end of the year

According to the Tass news agency, citing the general director of the Rostec company, Sergei Chemezov, the first batch of the new Russian battle tank T14 Armata will be delivered at the end of the year 2019, ...

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New-generation Russian armored vehicles enter service with 2020

At the end of the war in Afghanistan, the first Gulf War, and the Chechen war, the Russian tanks had lost much of their prestige on the scene ...

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The 10 defense programs developed around the world that are lacking in France

With the signing of the first tranche of the SCAF program, the entry into service of the 6eme FREMM Normadie, the launch of the Suffren or the delivery of the first Griffon, it is ...

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