China offers Thailand 2 Type 039 Song submarines as standby solution

In 2016, following an international competition, the Thai authorities chose the Chinese S-26T submarine, derived from the Yuan-class Type 039A, to constitute the country's submarine force, of which the powerful Royal Thai Navy is so far lacking. In addition to satisfactory performance and reliable anaerobic propulsion, the Chinese offer was based on a sizeable advantage, a unit price of only $460 million, half that of its competitors with the highest bids. However, in its proposal, Beijing had included European equipment, in particular German turbines built by MTU, without having taken the precaution of asking the German engine manufacturer for authorization in advance.…

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Covid-19: Thailand and South Korea to significantly cut defense budgets

It's no surprise to anyone: many countries will have to reduce their defense spending in the coming months. On the one hand, the economic consequences of the crisis will not allow the same level of investment to be maintained. On the other hand, public opinion in many countries will demand that military investments be particularly put to use during economic reconstruction, particularly for countries that are used to importing their weapons. Asia having been the first continent affected by the pandemic, it is logical to find the first announcements in this direction there. As we have already mentioned, Thailand has confirmed that it wants to drastically reduce…

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Covid-19: Thailand could halt military acquisitions for more than a year

Due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, Thailand could postpone some of its major defense spending, including its submarine program with China. This interruption in military purchases would not, however, be caused by the country's health situation, but rather by economic and political considerations. Indeed, in terms of health, Thailand has been relatively little impacted by the coronavirus epidemic which has hit China hard. For the time being, only around thirty people have died of SARS-CoV-2 in Thailand, compared to more than 60.000 in Europe, to date. Already…

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Naval Group's Scorpene submarine hypothesis in the Philippines becomes clearer

Over the past 20 years, the number of submarines used by the navies of Southeast Asian countries has almost quadrupled. This has led some countries, hitherto without this type of ship, to want to quickly acquire this capacity, and therefore these buildings. This is the case of the Philippines which, according to an article in, is increasingly interested in acquiring 2 conventional Scorpene submarines from the French Naval Group. The information is not new, since already in July 2019, we mentioned this marked interest by the Manila authorities for the French submersible. But it seems...

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