Is the Mediterranean again an area of ​​concentration of forces?

Traditionally, when we think of geographical areas under tension where many military forces are present, it is common to refer to the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, or more recently to the Western Pacific, especially around the China Sea. . On the other hand, the Mediterranean, and in particular the eastern Mediterranean, which was between the Second World War and the end of the 60s one of the most active areas militarily speaking, has since slipped, in the overall perception, towards the status of a secure area, allowing a significant commercial traffic. But for the past decade, many nations bordering the Mediterranean, as well as others there…

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The 2 Swedish Södermanland class submarines come closer to Warsaw

Last November, the Polish authorities confirmed that they had entered into negotiations with the Swedish Kockums and their Swedish counterparts with a view to leasing or acquiring the two Södermanland class anaerobic-powered submarines in service with the Swedish Navy, and this in order to strengthen the potential of its submarine fleet in the Baltic Sea pending the first deliveries of the Orka program submarines. Today, the hypothesis presented then takes shape, with the authorization given by the Swedish parliament to deliver the two submersibles to the Polish Navy. For Poland, this solution appears most interesting, because it makes it possible to take over from…

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Are Turkish forces planning a major offensive in Syria?

Following the serious clashes on February 11 between the Syrian armed forces on their way to retake the city of Idlib, and the Turkish army present around the city, which killed more than 125 people on both sides, the President Turkish RT Erdogan had promised, on February 12, a massive and widespread response to strike the Syrian forces “wherever they are”. It now appears that the Turkish Armed Forces are indeed preparing to walk the talk. Indeed, according to Arabic-language media quoted by the Tass agency, a military convoy of more than 300 trucks and armored vehicles would have been…

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Naval Group's Scorpene submarine hypothesis in the Philippines becomes clearer

Over the past 20 years, the number of submarines used by the navies of Southeast Asian countries has almost quadrupled. This has led some countries, hitherto without this type of ship, to want to quickly acquire this capacity, and therefore these buildings. This is the case of the Philippines which, according to an article in, is increasingly interested in acquiring 2 conventional Scorpene submarines from the French Naval Group. The information is not new, since already in July 2019, we mentioned this marked interest by the Manila authorities for the French submersible. But it seems...

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