The 355 ships targeted by the US Navy will be insufficient against China according to Mark Esper

If, for the past two years, the question that animated the US Navy was how to achieve the goal of a combat fleet of 355 ships by 2030, like ...

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US Navy seeks priority over US defense credits

Traditionally, the US Defense budget has been allocated almost equally between the US Army, the US Air Force, and the US Navy associated with the US Marines Corps. But according to the admiral…

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US Navy and Trump Administration clash over equipment priorities

During the 2016 presidential campaign, the candidate Trump included in his program the increase of the format of the US Navy to 355 buildings by 2025 against 297 today. But…

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SSGN (X): Five Large Submarine Payload to Replace Four US Ohio Class SSGNs?

The United States Navy (USN) is required to compensate for the future disarmament of the four Ohio-class Ship Submersible Guided Nuclear Missiles (SSGNs) .The SSGN (X) program or more ...

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