Faced with Western threat, Vladimir Putin will increase Russian air defenses

Between 2012 and 2020, the Russian armed forces underwent a phase of modernization and operational preparation of an exceptional magnitude, notably seeing the number of its combat brigades ...

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Russia develops "light" airborne version of Tzirkon anti-ship hypersonic missile

Since the Kh47m2 Kinzhal hypersonic missile entered service with the Russian air force in late 2017, the country has taken a comfortable lead vis-à-vis…

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Russian Defense Ministry May Acquire Checkmate on Next Programming Law

Until now, the communication of the Russian authorities around the new program of the 5th generation single-engine fighter Checkmate had only focused on industrial and export aspects. The acquisition of the device ...

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Sukhoi develops two-seater Su-57 that can control 4 S-70 Okhotnik B drones

Since its official presentation, the S-70 Okhotnik B heavy combat drone, developed by the Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi, has always been presented as an extension of the Su-57 heavy fighter, called a…

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What do we know about the new Russian light fighter?

The announcement of the presentation of a new light fighter model developed by the Russian Rostec at the Moscow MAKS 2021 fair had already had the effect of a small bomb in…

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How will the Su-57 become the centerpiece of Russian Integrated Air Defense?

Russian integrated anti-aircraft defense is today, almost unanimously recognized, one of the most efficient in the world. It implements, within it, and in a coordinated manner, ...

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The Sukhoi Hypothesis resurfaces in Turkey

After a tense end of the year, in particular due to the implementation of sanctions imposed by the American Congress, the Turkish authorities had chosen to take a…

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