Russia to export 64 Su-35 aircraft to Egypt and a second customer between 2020 and 2024

Since the indiscretion of the Russian magazine Kommersant concerning the sale contract of Su-35 to Egypt, an indiscretion which will have brought the journalist to his origin in detention for "treason" in Moscow, ...

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Russia to order 35 more Su-2020s in XNUMX

After announcing the order of 76 new generation Su-57 fighters placed in 2019, then that of more than fifty (between 48 and 76 according to sources) of fighters ...

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Has China doubled the production of heavy fighters in 2020?

While the standoff between Beijing and Washington grows every day, a publication linked to the Chinese aircraft manufacturer AVIC presents the most surprising information, according to which ...

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Faced with Turkish interference in Libya, Egypt could once again buy heavy weapons in France

While diplomatic and trade relations between France and Egypt have been at their worst since January 2019, it would appear that Turkey's actions in Libya and ...

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Despite diplomatic disagreements, Russia and Turkey could cooperate on the TF-X fighter plane

Just over a month ago, we brought you news of Turkey's next-generation fighter aircraft program, the TF-X. Originally designed to allow ...

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Confirmation of Egypt's acquisition of Su-35 could have huge geopolitical consequences

Rumors had been lingering for over a year now: Egypt had placed an order in Russia for around 35 heavy Su-2015 fighters. Since XNUMX, Cairo has been increasing the acquisitions of ...

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Russia begins testing to equip Su35 fighter with R-37M very long-range missile

One of NATO's main assets vis-à-vis Russia is based on the power of its air forces capable, in theory, of taking control of the skies and therefore of striking ...

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