Poland aligns with Germany in rejection of European strategic autonomy

To say that the Polish authorities are Atlanticists today is an understatement. Indeed, Warsaw has almost systematically favored the acquisition of American-designed defense equipment in recent years, ignoring ...

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Poland ready to pay majority of costs to receive US forces on its soil

President Trump's decision to withdraw 12.000 of the 37.000 troops permanently deployed in Germany in order to pressure Berlin for its lack of investment in NATO, continues ...

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After Poland, Latvia offers to pay for US troops on its soil

Through the voice of its Minister of Defense, and Deputy Prime Minister, Latvia has made it known that it was ready to welcome some of the 9500 American soldiers including ...

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What will Donald Trump do in the face of the Iranian strikes on US bases in Iraq?

On the night of January 8, at around 2:00 am local time, Iran carried out an attack on the anti-Daesh coalition base in Iraq of Al-Asad and that of the airport ...

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US Navy and Trump Administration clash over equipment priorities

During the 2016 presidential campaign, candidate Trump included in his program the increase in the size of the US Navy to 355 buildings by 2025, up from 297 today. But…

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Poland wants industrial offsets to order F35

No sooner had Washington announced its intention to exclude Turkey from the F35 program, when Lockheed's commercial teams invested American embassies in several European countries to offer ...

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