These 10 technologies that revolutionize or will revolutionize military action (2nd part)

The return of tensions between major technological nations is accompanied by intensive research to develop new technologies or apply the technologies developed during the 30 years of relative peace having ...

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SSN (X): designing the best nuclear attack submarine in the world

Tango Bravo, Future Submarine Attack, Virginia Improved, SSN (X), New SSN: these are the different avatars since 2004 of the idea that the United States Navy (USN) has ...

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Kinzhal, S500, T14, Su57 ... In 2025, Russia could take the military technological advantage over Europe

According to TASS, the Su-57 fighter will be equipped with a missile with performance comparable to that of the hypersonic missile Kinjal. This is another proof of the dynamism of the defense industry ...

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