Spaniard Indra wants to lead the Electronic Warfare component of the SCAF program

It was to be expected, and moreover expected: the Spanish on-board electronics company Indra, moreover designated by Madrid as the main referent for Spain in the SCAF program to the chagrin ...

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American naval aviation asserts itself in the "war-elec"

The US Navy equips its EA-18 Growler electronic warfare aircraft with a new generation NGJ-MB pod. Supplied by the Raytheon group, the pods are in the operational testing phase. This acquisition ...

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Is the Rafale disarmed by an F-35A within $ 80m?

In a press release, Lockheed Martin indicates that the unit acquisition price of the F35A will drop below $ 80 million by 2023, in line with program targets. Right now ...

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Can French forces confront modern anti-aircraft defenses?

The French Institute of International Relations, IFRI, has published a remarkable study on the present and future capabilities of French forces to oppose modern anti-aircraft systems, such as Russian or Chinese systems.

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The development of the F4 standard Rafale officially launched

At a ceremony held at the Rafale assembly plant in Merignac, Defense Minister Florence Parly announced the launch of the development of the F4 Rafale standard, for a contract of 2 M €. The new standard will be available by 2023, and will improve the acquisition, processing and communication capabilities of the French device.

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