Germany orders 38 Typhoon fighters with extended performance

In March 2020, following an extensive consultation aimed at replacing its fleet of Panavia Tornado fighter-bombers, Germany announced the order for 30 F / A 18 E / F Super-Hornet fighters and ...

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Order of the “Falcon Archange”: a welcome but insufficient capacity renewal

A few days ago, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces announced the order for the first two Falcon Archangels for the Air Force. If the scheduled renewal of canonical C-160…

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MBDA unveils its SPEAR EW missile to eliminate enemy anti-aircraft defenses

The elimination of anti-air defenses is recognized as being the weak point of the European air forces, which do not have any support planes dedicated to jamming, like the American EG-18 Growler,…

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With the Enforcer, MBDA is also positioning itself on light anti-tank weapons

While Euromissile had established itself in the 80s as a major player in the West concerning anti-tank missiles, with the Milan and Hot missiles, the European group MBDA which ...

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MBDA presents its missiles and systems of tomorrow for the Tempest

The Tempest program is definitely at the heart of this new edition of the DSEI defense exhibition in London this year, as the SCAF was at the center of the Paris Air Show it…

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