Germany orders 38 Typhoon fighters with extended performance

In March 2020, following extensive consultation to replace its Panavia Tornado fighter-bomber fleet, Germany announced an order for 30 F/A 18 E/F Super-Hornet fighters and 15 EA- 18G Growler from American Boeing, as well as 93 new Eurofighter Typhoon combat aircraft. But among these 93 aircraft, 33 of them were intended not to replace the Tornado in service since the beginning of the 80s, but the first Typhoon fighters acquired by the Luftwaffe in the early 2000s. This order has just been made official by Berlin, accompanied by an order for 5 wired devices for experimental purposes, for an amount…

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Order of the “Falcon Archange”: a welcome but insufficient capacity renewal

A few days ago the Ministry of the Armed Forces announced the order for the first two Falcon Archanges for the Air Force. If the scheduled renewal of the canonical C-160 Gabriel is objectively good news for our ROEM capabilities, their design reflects an obsolete approach, at least incomplete, of the political sphere in the face of the new challenges of the “guerrelec”. Resulting from the collaboration of Dassault for the vector (Falcon 8X) and Thalès for its payload: CUGE (Universal Electronic Warfare Capability) the first two copies (out of three) of the Falcon ARCHANGE [efn_note] “Payload Intelligence Aircraft news…

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MBDA unveils its SPEAR EW missile to eliminate enemy anti-aircraft defenses

The suppression of anti-aircraft defenses is recognized as being the weak point of the European air forces, which have neither support aircraft dedicated to jamming, such as the American EG-18 Growler, nor air-to-ground munitions specialized in this European bill mission. At least that was the case until now, since the European missile manufacturer MBDA in partnership with the Italian Leonardo, presented their new SPEAR EW missile (Electronic Warfare or Electronic Warfare), primarily intended to equip European Typhoon planes. Until today, SEAD (Search and Destroy) missions intended to eliminate enemy anti-aircraft defenses were entrusted to devices capable of implementing the anti-radar missile...

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With the Enforcer, MBDA is also positioning itself on light anti-tank weapons

While Euromissile was able to establish itself in the 80s as the major player in the West in terms of anti-tank missiles, with the Milan and Hot missiles, the European group MBDA which succeeded it has lost, over the past 20 years, significant market shares due to the lack of involvement of the 3 framework states: France, Germany and Great Britain. This withdrawal was to the point that the German Tiger anti-tank helicopters were equipped with Israeli Spike missiles, and the French HAD versions with American Helffire missiles, while the French armies preferred to order American Javelin missiles, not the latest version of the Milan in…

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