France strengthens its response to Social Warfare

For several years, France has been the subject of several attacks aimed at manipulating part of public opinion via social networks, attacks mainly piloted from foreign countries sometimes hostile to the country, or to certain political orientations. Several emblematic cases of these coordinated attacks have been revealed to the general public, such as the social outburst piloted from Turkey around the murder of Samuel Paty, this professor assassinated by a radical Islamist in his classroom, or the false revelations around emails from candidate Macron's campaign team 2 days before the second round of the presidential elections, revelations which ultimately turned out to be composed...

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China could develop warlike video games so as not to expose its military to Western values

The Chinese Communist Party and the People's Liberation Army have for several years understood the role that video games could play in their policy of communication, recruitment, and even training for their soldiers. But beyond these purely media aspects, the video game is also a formidable ideological vector, and can, in this sense, represent a danger for the future of China, because the majority of "warrior" video games to which the Chinese military got into the habit of playing to relax come from Western studios, and advocate values ​​such as democracy and freedom, which do not correspond to…

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Social Warfare, this new threat against Western democracies

The assault on the Capitol by a group of rioters on January 6, on the sidelines of the end of Donald Trump's mandate, had the effect of an electric shock for all Western capitals. Suddenly, the conspiratorial threat, which had hitherto been considered an epiphenomenon, certainly serious, but limited in its potential harm, was propelled to the rank of major threat to the very survival of Democracy and the rule of law. From then on, all Western heads of state undertook to take action to try to control this threat manipulated by a few unscrupulous politicians and certain people whose status as social guru is flattering...

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