Conversion of 2 French SSBNs into cruise missile submarines, a more attractive hypothesis than it seems

For several months, the deputy of Eure and member of the Defense commission of the National Assembly Fabien Gouttefarde, wants to be force of proposal as for the future evolutions of the French defense programs. Although he belonged to the Republic on the Move, he did not hesitate, for example, to plead insistently for the Air and Space Force, but also the National Navy, to acquire a version of electronic warfare and suppression of adverse anti-aircraft defenses of the Rafale, and this despite the end of non-receipt, also very open to criticism, addressed by the Ministry of the Armed Forces to one of his colleagues in the opposition, Jean-Christophe...

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With 3 SSBNs at sea, the French deterrence posture at its highest since 1983

There are unmistakable signs of the level of tension that exists between the West and Russia, against the backdrop of Russian aggression in Ukraine. Thus, barely a few days after the launch of what is presented by Moscow as a "Special Military Operation", and which is obviously turning into a nightmare for the Russian armies, the Kremlin had announced the heightened alert of its forces. of deterrence. If at the time, the Western nuclear powers had not publicly raised the threat so as not to aggravate the situation, they nevertheless drew their own conclusions. So we learn...

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SNLE3G: Should we go back to a 6-submarine deterrent?

On 19 February, the Minister for the French Armed Forces, Florence Parly, announced the launch of the design program for the next new-generation nuclear missile submarines, often referred to by the acronym SNLE 3G, being the third generation of this type of submersible built by France. The 4 new ships will be armed with 16 M51 intercontinental ballistic missiles with a range exceeding 10.000 kilometers and each carrying up to ten nuclear warheads with an independent trajectory of 100 kilotons, 6 times the power of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. This announcement marks Paris' desire to preserve its strategic independence as well as its capacity…

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Can we still rely on nuclear deterrence?

On November 5, 1956, a Franco-British expeditionary force landed in Egypt to regain control of the Suez Canal recently nationalized by President Gamal Abdel Nasser, in a military operation organized jointly with Israel, which had seized the Egyptian Sinai a few days earlier. early. Despite the military successes of this coalition, the Franco-British troops withdrew after only a few days, when the Soviet Union threatened Paris and London with nuclear strikes. Even if NATO declared at the time that such a Soviet action would lead to a response of the same nature, Washington also pressured its two European allies to obtain their withdrawal, by carrying out an attack...

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The nuclear attack submarine Suffren, the future armed wing of the French Navy, begins its sea trials

We have mentioned it in recent days: the renewal of French attack submarines is well underway. On the one hand, the Suffren, the first of a new class of nuclear attack submarines, now floats freely and is currently beginning its sea trials. On the other hand, the French Navy has received its first heavy torpedoes new generation, which will constitute the main armament of these new buildings. Together, the Suffren class and the F21 torpedo will allow the replacement of the Rubis class of nuclear submarines and the F17 torpedoes, now obsolete in many respects. The opportunity for us to come back to the Barracuda program which led to the…

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The delivery of Naval Group's new generation F21 torpedoes has started in France and Brazil

During his press conference on February 21, the boss of Naval Group Hervé Guillou, a few weeks from retirement, wanted to take stock of his mandate and the results of the French naval group in recent years. In the midst of Naval Group's major submarine and frigate programs (both in France and for export), Hervé Guillou did not fail to report the delivery of the first batch of new generation F21 heavy torpedoes. He thus evokes “the delivery of the first batch of F21 torpedoes, which is a real “game changer” in terms of heavy torpedoes, with…

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