12 aircraft carriers, 50 frigates: the US Navy returns to its fundamentals

To say that US Navy planning has been chaotic for the past 30 years would be an understatement. Between calamitous and chronically overcost programs such as the Zumwalt destroyers, the Littoral Combat Ship corvettes, or the Seawolf submarines, significant technical difficulties such as for the Ford-class aircraft carriers, and objectives marked by political considerations and economic, and not by operational needs, the prospects and options of the world's leading naval force have been irremediably darkened, while at the same time, the naval powers of its main competitors such as Russia and especially China, have developed with rigor…

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Modern nuclear attack submarines

With the episode of the cancellation of the contract for conventionally powered Shortfin Barracuda submarines by Australia in favor of American-British nuclear-powered submarines, nuclear-powered attack submarines have experienced, these recent months, a relatively contradictory media over-exposure with the mission by nature discreet of these oceanic Leviathans which constitute, even today, among the most complex human constructions ever carried out. As fast as they are stealthy, nuclear attack submarines yes SNA, whose missions go from intelligence gathering to anti-surface warfare, but also to hunting other submarines, are today the prerogative exclusive to the navies of the 5 major world nuclear powers…

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Will Australia's nuclear submarine program collapse?

No one has forgotten the sensational announcement made by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, along with his British counterpart Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden in September 2021, which ended the Franco-Australian Shortfin submarine program. Barracuda for the benefit of a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines made within the framework of a new alliance bringing together the 3 countries, and designated by the acronym AUKUS. It is true that the Australian Shortfin Barracuda conventionally powered ocean-going submarine program had been under fire from critics for several years, in particular because of an overall budget envelope of 90 billion Australian dollars presented as gargantuan to the...

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India, South Korea: France on the offensive in the field of nuclear submarines

The Minister of the French Armed Forces, Florence Parly, is traveling to India this weekend to meet her Indian counterpart Shri Rajnath Singh, as well as other officials from New Delhi, in order to discuss several topics in the field of cooperation. strategic and industrial relationship between the two countries, partners and long-standing allies. In addition to the question of a possible additional order of Rafale aircraft, cooperation in the field of helicopters with a line of sight, a possible contract to equip the Indian Coast Guard with Caracal helicopters, and questions of strategic cooperation in the theater Pacific shaken up in recent months both by the…

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The US Navy must extend the life of its submarines to face China

The US Navy may have the largest nuclear submarine fleet and the most efficient industry in the world in this field, to face China, it lacks ships. Indeed, despite the 53 nuclear attack submarines of the Los Angeles, Seawolf and Virginia class in service, it is barely on par with the 6 SNA class Shang (Type 09III/A), and the 44 submarines with conventional propulsion of the Song (14 units), Improved Kilo (8+2 units) and Yuan (18 units equipped with anaerobic propulsion) class. In addition, the Chinese fleet has many operational assets in the event of a confrontation with…

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US nuclear submarines are said to have been built with inferior steel

This is information that falls rather badly, while the US Navy is engaged in a strategic race with the Chinese Navy, and that Australia has terminated the contract for the construction of 12 French Shortfin Barracuda submarines to turn to a nuclear solution most likely coming from the United States. Indeed, Elaine Marie Thomas, former Tacoma smelter manager, pleaded guilty to falsifying quality accounts of steel delivered to Electric Boat and Newport News Shipbuilding shipyards between 1985 and 2017, steel used for construction of US Navy nuclear submarines. According to the investigation report, 240 batches of steel…

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Australia considers leasing US submarines as a waiting solution

Among the questions that emerged about the AUKUS alliance and Canberra's acquisition of nuclear attack submarines from its American and British partners, instead of the Shortfin Barracuda submarines originally ordered from the France, the question of the deadlines for implementing this measure was one of the most significant and fraught with implications. Indeed, no one was unaware that it would take more than fifteen years for the Australian industry to hope to deliver an operational nuclear submarine to its navy, and this while its own Collins-class submarines already mark the weight of the years. It seems that the Australian authorities…

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More details on Australia's new nuclear submarine program

The Australian authorities gave more information about the ambition of the new program aimed at equipping the Royal Australian Navy with nuclear attack submarines. And clearly, Canberra has learned nothing from its past failures, including those around the SEA 1000 program. Indeed, according to statements from the country's authorities, the new submersibles will all be assembled in South Australia. , in Osborne, thus reproducing one of the reasons for the many difficulties encountered during the previous program, since it will be necessary to establish from scratch an entirely new supply chain and infrastructure to achieve this. The submarine model...

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In Australia, Joe Biden opens a very dangerous Pandora's box

Since the confirmation of the cancellation of the contract for the acquisition of 12 conventionally powered Shortfin Barracuda submarines designed by the French Naval Group, and the integration of Canberra into a tripartite alliance with the United States and Great Britain Britain including, among other things, the sale of American nuclear attack submarines, the defense community is in turmoil, especially in France. "Stabbing", "Treason"... the qualifiers are not lacking concerning the substance, but also the form with which this decision was made public, seriously damaging the international image of the French military naval industry for many many years. On the other hand, very few, including among…

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