To respond to China, the US Navy will profoundly modify the structure of its fleet

After 8 months of waiting, the new US Navy Shipbuilding Plan will be presented to US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper next week. It will not be ...

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SSGN (X): Five Large Submarine Payload to Replace Four US Ohio Class SSGNs?

The United States Navy (USN) is required to compensate for the future disarmament of the four Ohio-class Ship Submersible Guided Nuclear Missiles (SSGNs) .The SSGN (X) program or more ...

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Imminent order of US nuclear attack submarines Virginia Block IV (1) and Virginia Block V (8)?

The US Navy (United States Navy or USN) was to sign 2018 since October, which will be perhaps its largest submarine order in a single contract. This ...

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Russian and Chinese anti-submarine capabilities gain strength against the US Navy

If the visible power of the US Navy is based on its 10 super nuclear aircraft carrier, and the hundred cruisers and destroyers that accompanies them, it is mostly fifty submarines ...

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