Will Australia's nuclear submarine program collapse?

No one has forgotten the sensational announcement made by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, along with his British counterpart Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden in September 2021, which ended the Franco-Australian Shortfin submarine program. Barracuda for the benefit of a fleet of nuclear-powered submarines made within the framework of a new alliance bringing together the 3 countries, and designated by the acronym AUKUS. It is true that the Australian Shortfin Barracuda conventionally powered ocean-going submarine program had been under fire from critics for several years, in particular because of an overall budget envelope of 90 billion Australian dollars presented as gargantuan to the...

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The US Navy must extend the life of its submarines to face China

The US Navy may have the largest nuclear submarine fleet and the most efficient industry in the world in this field, to face China, it lacks ships. Indeed, despite the 53 nuclear attack submarines of the Los Angeles, Seawolf and Virginia class in service, it is barely on par with the 6 SNA class Shang (Type 09III/A), and the 44 submarines with conventional propulsion of the Song (14 units), Improved Kilo (8+2 units) and Yuan (18 units equipped with anaerobic propulsion) class. In addition, the Chinese fleet has many operational assets in the event of a confrontation with…

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US nuclear submarines are said to have been built with inferior steel

This is information that falls rather badly, while the US Navy is engaged in a strategic race with the Chinese Navy, and that Australia has terminated the contract for the construction of 12 French Shortfin Barracuda submarines to turn to a nuclear solution most likely coming from the United States. Indeed, Elaine Marie Thomas, former Tacoma smelter manager, pleaded guilty to falsifying quality accounts of steel delivered to Electric Boat and Newport News Shipbuilding shipyards between 1985 and 2017, steel used for construction of US Navy nuclear submarines. According to the investigation report, 240 batches of steel…

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To respond to China, the US Navy will profoundly modify the structure of its fleet

After 8 months of waiting, the new US Navy Shipbuilding Plan will be presented to US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper next week. It will not be a question of one but of three plans, to best respond to the political and budgetary arbitrations that will be carried out. Without the nature and composition of the plans having been disclosed, it nevertheless appears that they are all based on the same paradigm, namely the increase in the volume of the fleet through increased use of automation and naval drones. For Mark Esper, and obviously now for the Pentagon, the US Navy can no longer rely...

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Russian and Chinese anti-submarine capabilities gain strength against the US Navy

If the visible power of the US Navy is based on its 10 super nuclear aircraft carriers, and the hundred cruisers and destroyers that accompany them, it is above all the fifty or so Los Angeles-class nuclear attack submarines and Virginia, which assures it almost exclusive control of the seas of the globe. However, as in many areas, the renewal of the submarine component has been neglected over the past 20 years, losing its appeal with the supposed disappearance of conflicts between nations, in the face of large-scale anti-terrorist operations such as in Afghanistan and in Iraq/Syria. If today the US Navy receives an average of 2 Virginia submarines per…

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