Naval Group FDI Belharra handicapped by VLS Sylver in Greece

The renewal of the fleet of Greek frigates is today one of the main and most important contracts being awarded on the European and international scene concerning surface combatants. With an objective of acquiring 4 ships, the modernization of its 4 Meko 200 HN and the desire to acquire or lease 2 frigates in a very short time to meet the immediate security challenges in the Aegean Sea, Athens is attracting the greed of builders Europeans and Americans. In this competition, the FDI Belharra of Naval Group had until recently a head start on its competitors, since Paris and Athens had signed…

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Are aircraft carriers now too vulnerable to be useful?

Since the announcement of the launch of the French New Generation Aircraft Carrier program by the President of the Republic, many voices have been raised to question the relevance of such an investment, particularly in the face of the threat represented by, now, long-range hypersonic anti-ship missiles, such as the Russian 3M22 Tzirkon, or the Chinese DF26. According to them, and according to others, particularly in the United States, such behemoths of the seas are easily located, and therefore constitute prime targets for new enemy anti-ship missiles. However, a factual and objective analysis of the capabilities offered by aircraft carriers, as well as the reality of…

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Athens will officially ask Washington for an Arleigh Burke destroyer

For several years, the Greek authorities have hoped to obtain from their American counterparts the loan or the sale of a second-hand Arleigh Burke-class destroyer or a second-hand Ticonderoga-class cruiser, to reinforce its anti-aircraft capabilities and be in able to cope with the rise of Turkish power. Until now, these requests, passed through the military or technocratic channels, have never obtained a favorable response either from Washington, and even less from the US Navy, which is struggling to maintain a minimum format to respond to increased operating pressure. But obviously, President Kyriakos Mitsotakis does not seem ready to…

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Canada unveils characteristics of its next-generation frigates

In 2018, Ottawa awarded the British BAe one of the largest military shipbuilding contracts of the past 20 years, for the design and construction of 15 new generation frigates of the Canadian Surface Combattante program, or CSC. Based on the design of the Type 26 frigates, which will equip the Royal Navy but also the Royal Australian Navy, the exact characteristics of the CSCs were previously unknown. This is no longer the case, since the Royal Canadian Navy published this week a document presenting in detail what these combatant surface ships will be, which will obviously have nothing to envy to their…

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The frigates Adelaide, the anti-Belh @ rra plan of Lockheed in Greece

The Hellenic Navy has been trying to acquire French vessels for many years, first FREMMs in the FREDA version, then FTIs, perhaps supported by Gowind2500 corvettes. And it's been years that, faced with the country's financial difficulties, France has been unable to offer a satisfactory financial and industrial package to Athens. It is to the point that, for many French industrialists, Greece is no longer considered a potential partner, and we will therefore not be surprised by the information that Naval Group did not participate in the last working meeting. between the French and Greek authorities regarding a proposal…

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