What is the French Navy's new Future Mine Control System?

During the Cold War, Western navies had an impressive naval mine countermeasures capability, marked in particular by the prolific Tripartite Minehunter program which enabled France, Belgium and the Netherlands to equip of 35 particularly high-performance high-tech vessels that entered service between 1981 and 1990. In 2010, as part of the Lancaster House agreements, France and Great Britain committed to jointly design the Maritime Mine Counter Measures program, or MMCM , in order to develop new underwater mine countermeasures capabilities by 2030. In France, this program was designated by…

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What are the strengths and weaknesses of the French Navy?

The entry into service of the new Alsace frigate, which offers enhanced anti-aircraft capabilities while retaining the anti-submarine warfare and anti-ship warfare capabilities of the Aquitaine-class FREMMs, was rightly , hailed as an important step in the effort to modernize the French Navy. Many other programs are underway to support this effort, including the FDI defense and intervention frigates, the Suffren class nuclear attack submarines, the Jacques Chevallier class tanker tankers, the future Ocean Patrollers or again the SLAM-F Mines war program, all to enter service during…

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Alsace, Suffren, SLAM-F: The French Navy reveals its new operational face

Like the Army and the Air Force, the French Navy has been extremely stretched for many years, and has suffered from a chronic lack of investment to replace its naval units, which are nevertheless in the foreground. The arrival of the FREMM frigates, from 2012, made it possible to begin a process of modernization which, today, is in full swing, as shown by 3 major events that have occurred almost in quick succession in recent days, with the tests of the Alsace frigate, followed by the delivery of the Suffren submarine, and the official launch of the SLAM-F mine warfare program. The Alsace frigate is the first unit of the FREMM DA type,…

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